Tulista Park (Victoria Buzz)

The Town of Sidney is taking steps to revitalize Tulista Park’s sidewalk area, as aging tree roots have caused heaving and unevenness.

Work on replacing these trees, as well as remedying ongoing issues with flooding, is set to begin in June.

“The Tulista Park recreation area has become a highly popular destination for families and individuals using the various amenities,” said Mayor Cliff McNeil-Smith.

“Improvements to this well-used sidewalk will make it easier and safer for individuals, families, and people using mobility aids.”

The project plan includes installation of drainage improvements, widening the sidewalk from 1.5 metres to 2.5 metres wide, and removing and replacing five mature poplar trees.

Town staff say that the root system has broken up part of the sidewalk, while the poplar variety is columnar and does not provide a significant amount of tree canopy.

Seven or eight London Plane trees will replace the removed poplars. These trees, according to staff, have a long lifespan and much broader tree canopy, as well as a less intrusive root system.

A larger canopy also means they can be planted further away from the sidewalk, allowing shade at full maturity while keeping the sidewalk intact.

The full cost of the project is $200,000 with half of the funding supplied through the Federal Gas Tax / Canada Community-Building Fund.

The Town of Sidney says that these improvements are expected to lower ongoing maintenance costs.

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