Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Modo expands operations in West Shore with three new cars in Langford


Carshare users in the West Shore will have a few more options, as Modo announced the addition of three new vehicles to Langford.

The BC-based company says they have partnered with the City of Langford to add two electric vehicles and one hybrid to their existing fleet.

These vehicles will be accessible to the public, with residents and members able to use them during the day and City staff using them in the evening.

“We applaud the City’s vision to bring this win-win solution to its vibrant and growing community,” says Patrick Nangle, CEO at Modo Co-operative.

“With the municipality using our cars in the evenings, and residents and businesses accessing them during the day, the City will accomplish exactly that.”

Modo says the partnership was financed in part by funds from the Langford development community, including a $150,000 contribution from Westhills Land Development.

The car-sharing company says they are hoping that the option will allow some families to live without a second car or even car-free.

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