IRL Battle Arena has announced their “Sunday Funday” games series at Mount Doug Park that will run throughout the summer.

The outdoor events hope to celebrate the beginnings of a return to normalcy and let out some pent-up COVID cabin fever. 

IRL Battle Arena launched last summer as a new adventure sports company which creates wide open “pandemic friendly” green spaces families and individuals could compete in mock combat games. 

This summer, IRL Battle Arena will be hosting outdoor games at Mount Doug Park. Games include nerf battles, laser tag, combat archery and more!

Gear will be provided for Laser Tag events and Nerf players will have the option to bring their own Rival blasters or may borrow a free Helios blaster. 

These Nerf guns shoot harmless foam balls at 100 feet/second!


Every Wednesday, if the upcoming weather forecast looks promising, IRL Battle Arena will announce the Sunday’s game through their online newsletter.

Sign up to receive their weekly updates. 

Covid precautions are in place to ensure physical distancing  is possible. You can view their full list of Covid measures here

IRL Battle Arena “Sunday Fundays” 

  • Where: Mount Doug Park, using the former baseball field beside the Ash street parking lot and picnic area
  • When: 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., Sundays throughout the summer
  • Price: Free by donation to the Island Prostate Centre
  • Registration: Register online to reserve your spot, no drop-ins. 


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