Monday, June 17, 2024

Victoria’s first Community Fridge opens in Rock Bay


A group of local volunteers have opened a new Community Fridge in Rock Bay, the first of its kind in Victoria. 

The fridge, now open at 2725 Rock Bay Avenue, operates on a “take what you need, leave what you can” basis. 

Volunteers assure there is enough food for everyone, however they ask people to be mindful and only take what they require to be considerate of others hoping to benefit from the project.

As the operation of the fridge is a community effort, visitors are also asked to keep the fridge clean and organized during their visit. 

Those wanting to donate toward the project and keep the fridge stocked for those in need are able to do so by donating food items from the list of accepted donations. 

Donatable items include fresh fruits and vegetables, unopened or bulk dry goods, sealed hygiene items, sealed pet foods and snacks. 

Breads, pastries, fresh eggs, dairy products or alternatives, soy products and meat alternatives can also be donated with best before date. 

Items that are not accepted include open, half eaten or expired food, raw meat or seafood, frozen meals, leftover and premade meals.

Cooked meals are only accepted from commercial, licenced kitchens. Please contact the Community Fridge directly before dropping off any cooked goods. 

Anyone looking for other ways to get involved can sign up for fridge cleaning shifts and donate to the Community Fridge’s GoFundMe.

Follow the Community Fridge’s Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on news as well as as updated photos of the fridge’s current stock.

Victoria Community Fridge

  • Where: 2725 Rock Bay Avenue
  • When: The Community Fridge is open 24/7

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