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15 new-member deals in and around Victoria to kick start your workout


Workout classes are back!

Over the past year and a half of the pandemic, fitness studios have gone through many changes.

From being closed entirely, operating at limited capacity and adjusting their schedules to include outdoor options, we are finally seeing our favourite classes returning to somewhat normal. 

As restrictions ease and classes operate once again, many people are looking to kick-start their workouts and try something new. 

Whether you’re looking to sign up for a fitness studio for the first time or hoping to switch up your schedule with a brand new way to sweat, here are 15 new member deals in and around Victoria to kick start your workout: 


9RoundFitness offers 30 minute kickboxing fitness classes and circuit training. There are no class times but a trainer is always included in your workout. 9RoundFitness uses wearable heart rate technology to help you track your progress. 

  • Locations: Unit 101 376 Harbour Road and Unit 113 693 Hoffman Avenue
  • New Member Deal: First class free

Alive Mindbody

Alive Mindbody offers a variety of Yoga, Barre and Pilates classes both in person and virtually. They also offer Barre Foundations Certification if you’ve ever considered becoming an instructor.

  • Location: Suite 301 1821 Cook Street
  • First Timer Month: $59

Annex Fitness & Annex Raw

Annex Fitness classes include Barre, Strength, Spin and Yoga, a variety of workouts to ensure you’ll find something you’re looking for. The pop-up Uptown location also offers outdoor class options. 

  • Location: 645 Yates Street and Uptown Boulevard (Annex Raw) 
  • New Member Pass: $65 for 5 classes


barreMade prides themselves on being the only studio on Vancouver Island that solely focuses on barre fitness. Their barre experts are committed to providing the safest possible workout and everyone is welcome to join, no matter where you are with fitness. 

  • Location: 2270 Cadboro Bay Road
  • Deals: 2 week unlimited $40

Boulderhouse Climbing

The easiest way to start climbing is bouldering. Using coloured holds, you climb up the 13 foot wall without rope, harnesses or a partner. Boulderhouse recently opened a new location in Langford

  • Locations: 2829 Quesnel Street and 1109 Langford Parkway
  • Try it out: One week pass for $35


BMP offers group bootcamp, strength, boxing, HIIT classes and more. All classes are perfect for any skill level, wherever you are starting. 

They also offer personal training options if you’re looking for one-on-one support. 

  • Location: 800B Cloverdale Avenue
  • Beginner Special: 3 classes for $30

Charge Fitness

Charge Fitness promises their 20 minute workout 2 times a week will get you results. Charge Fitness workouts include wearing an EMS (electro muscle stimulation) suit which stimulates muscles using electricity. 

  • Location: 1031 Fort Street
  • Introductory specials: Intro Session for $25 and 3 personal training sessions for $99

Lagree West

Lagree West focuses on low impact full body pilates workouts anyone can benefit from, targeting your slow twitch muscle fibres which helps to build lean muscle mass. Lagree West keeps class sizes small. 

  • Location: 546 Yates Street
  • New Member Deal: 1 week pass for $50

One Yoga

One Yoga teaches vinyasa (flow) yoga in a supportive, inclusive environment. They welcome all levels.

  • Location: #20 239 Menzies Street
  • One Month Intro Membership: $55

Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness workouts guide you through the 5 heart rate zones. The goal of the workout is to spend 12 to 20 minutes with your heart rate elevated in “The Orange Zone” to “boost your metabolism, burn fat and burn more calories”. The group circuit includes rowing, running and strength training.

  • Locations: #1010 2 Yates Street and #133 2945 Jacklin Road 
  • New Member Deal: First class free

Salt Pilates & Barre

Salt Pilates and Barre is the perfect workout for those looking for strength training with both mat and reformer classes. Both workouts work to strengthen and isolate the right muscles. 

  • Location: 866 Goldstream Avenue Suite 119
  • Deals: New members 3 classes for $30

Spar Boxing & Fitness

Spar Boxing is high intensity workouts meets boxing classes. Spar’s schedule includes core classes, bootcamps, combination classes, 12 round classes focusing on the fundamentals and technical aspects of boxing and much more!

  • Location: 745 Cormorant Street
  • Deals: First bootcamp free, First Timer Deal: $25 for two group sessions, New Member Deal: unlimited two week group session pass for $50


Take your first spin class at Spinco! Spinco rides are as a team with energetic music blasting to keep your energy up. Spinco rides are 50 minutes led by fun, supportive instructors. 

  • Locations: Victoria: 524 Pandora Avenue, Westshore: 750 Goldstream Avenue
  • New Rider Special: Unlimited two week pass for $50

Vibes Fitness

Vibes fitness workouts are personalized sessions supervised by a trainer. Sessions are designed with you in mind from core to HIIT classes. Your workout will take place on a vibrating platform using Whole Body Vibration (WBV) technology.

  • Locations: 1821 Fort Street and #106 894 Langford Parkway
  • Try it out: One week free trial

Yoga Lab

Yoga Lab has both indoor and outdoor group classes, as well as LAB+home. This option allows you to tune in from the comfort of your home. Kids Yoga Camp is also available for registration through their website.

  • Location: 1088 Fort Street
  • Intro Month: 30 days of yoga for $50

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