Thetis Lake (Photo by Ryan Holder/Instagram)

It’s about to get hot, Victoria!

With another heat wave hitting the province, it’s important to plan ahead on how you will beat the heat and cool down. 

Although this heat wave is not forecasted to be as hot as the province’s last, it’s still important to seek shade while going for a dip in a local watering hole!

Here are 21 places in and around Victoria to stay cool during next week’s heatwave:

Local Water Parks

Water Parks have re-opened for the summer and we have a list of 9 parks in and around the city for you to splash in!

Water Fountains

Remember to stay hydrated while out and about! The City of Victoria has released an interactive map so you can always know where the nearest public water fountain is!

Durrance Lake

Durrance Lake is the most accessible lakes amongst those in Mount Work Regional Park, perfect for families to swim.

Prospect Lake

Prospect Lake is a swimming, boating and fishing destination. 

Eagles Lake

The beach of Eagles Lake is supplied with fresh sand each summer. Although the beach is not large it is perfect for a summer swim. 

Island View Beach

Island View Beach sits along the eastern shore of the Saanich Peninsula with views of Haro Strait, James Island and Mount Baker.

Mount Doug Beach

Mount Doug Beach is a beautiful, tucked away beach where you can enjoy the salty breeze, a picnic and take a nature walk through the nearby trails.

Arbutus Cove

Arbutus Cove is a rocky beach with views of the Haro strait. The beach also has an off-leash dog area for your pup!

Glencoe Cove

Glencoe Cove sits in Kwatsech Park. The cove has stunning views from the cliffsides. 

Cattle Point

If you’re close to Oak Bay and hoping to escape the heat, Cattle Point is the place to go. The point is part of Uplands Park and is renowned for the starry sky views at night. 

Saxe Point

Saxe Point is the perfect spot for a seaside walk. With plenty of picnic tables, everyone can enjoy some food while you watch the sunset after a long hot day. 

Spiral Beach

Spiral Beach is a popular beach along Dallas Road. Get there early to get a spot before sunset!

Thetis Lake

Thetis Lake are two connected two freshwater lakes and one of the most visited regional parks in the CRD. The park has lots of room to sit on the beach or access the water from various points around the trail. 

Witty’s Lagoon

Witty’s Lagoon offers a bit of everything, sandy beaches, woodlands, freshwater creek, salt marsh, sandy seashore and rocky headlands.

Taylor Beach

Taylor Beach is a quiet rocky  beach just past Witty’s Lagoon for those looking for a quieter area!

Aylard Farm

If you’re looking to drive a bit further to cool down, visit Aylard Farm for the ultimate west coast wilderness. Enjoy a beautiful beach or cliffside overlooking the water, swing on the beach swing or sit in the cool grasses of Aylard Farm’s field. 

Sooke Potholes

The Sooke Potholes sit along the Sooke River and are an incredibly popular destination to cool down for locals. With several parking lots and areas to access the water you can set up and enjoy an icy swim.

Otter Point Park

Otter Point Park is a 4.5 acre Nature Park with two beautiful viewpoints, trails and picnic tables. 

Shawnigan Lake

Shawnigan Lake is a Vancouver Island swimming and boating destination! For the public, West Shawnigan Lake Provincial Park Beach is accessible for swimming. 

Matheson Lake

Matheson Lake Regional Park is a 156 hectare park with trails, a lake and forests.The park is close to the Roche Cove Regional Park and the Galloping Goose Regional Trail.

Your own home

Stay indoors and get those fans and air conditioning going!

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