BC Hydro cable
(underwater cable used to link Campbell River to Quadra Island | BC Hydro)

BC Hydro is conducting inspections on its underwater cables after a bulge and oil leak occurred following a record-breaking heat wave.

The utility service says their monitoring system detected the leak above ground on a cable that extends from the Sunshine Coast to Vancouver Island.

Service to the cable was cut off, and the leak has been contained. Repairs are now underway.

From July 10th to 11th, BC Hydro also discovered bulging on two other cables. They then decided to reduce the load on these cables while they continue to monitor their performance.

The damage to these cables is quite recent, as BC Hydro says they recently completed a regular inspection in mid-June 2021, with no deficiencies identified.

They are now investigating the possibility that late June’s extreme heat caused the damage.

In the meantime, Vancouver Island’s power needs are currently being met through local generation capacity, as well as independent power production.

Industrial customers on the Island are being contacted by BC Hydro that they may need to reduce their load in the future.

The electricity service also says they have additional contingencies in place to provide emergency power.

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