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Nobody likes tickets… unless they’re for a concert, of course.

But today, we’re talking about violation tickets, which we’re sure you’re familiar with.

Fortunately, the BC government is making it easier for residents to resolve violation ticket disputes faster, without having to go to court.

Starting Thursday, July 8th, British Columbians will have access to a new website to help them better understand and resolve violation ticket disputes faster and without always having to go to court.

The site will provide information regarding Motor Vehicle Act and provincial violation tickets like red-light violations and/or driving without insurance.

The website will also provide information about tickets issued for offences under municipal and/or federal laws, such as operating without a business license or fishing without a license.

The province said that the web-based tool will use plain language and simple questions to guide users to relevant information and resources to help resolve their ticketing issue themselves.

The site will provide details about:

  • how to pay and dispute tickets
  • how to request a fine reduction or time to pay; and
  • other ticket-related information, depending on the individual’s needs

Melissa Gillespie, chief judge of the provincial court said that guided pathways on this easy-to-use website will help people find specific information about their type of ticket quickly and easily.

“The Provincial Court welcomes this new online resource for people to obtain information about their traffic and other violation tickets, and the steps they can take to deal with them,” said Gillespie.

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