Licensed restaurants and pubs in British Columbia are now allowed to sell cocktails to-go when customers purchase a meal.

As of today, July 8th, the provincial government will allow businesses that primarily offer food or liquor to sell single-serving, pre-mixed drinks for takeout or delivery — provided that it’s with the purchase of a meal.

The move opens up additional revenue streams to help businesses rebuild from the pandemic.

There will still be some rules that restaurants and diners need to follow.

Farnworth says the drinks will have to be securely packaged, and have a label detailing how much alcohol is in them along with other ingredients.

The buyer will also have to have two pieces of ID.

“At the same time, appropriate safeguards will be in place to protect public safety and prevent minors’ access to liquor,” said Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

Both Ontario and Alberta have permitted cocktails-to-go since December 2020 and have not noted any public safety issues.