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Camosun College is keeping up with the times and offering new training in blockchain!

Starting in September, the new blockchain courses being offered include Blockchain Foundations, Blockchain: Digital Transformation in Shipping & Logistics and Blockchain Solution Architecture.

But wait, what’s Blockchain?

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin then you’re one step ahead.

The blockchain is a network that acts as the service provider, housing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum; it is a digital database that can make transactions for multiple parties without the need for an intermediary, like a bank.

Multiple parties are able to share data and transfer value, both anonymously and more transparently.

And Camosun College will soon provide an opportunity for you to learn more about it.

According to a statement released by Camosun, Blockchain, along with IoT (Internet of Things) AI (Artificial Intelligence), and RBA (Robotic Process Automation), is one of the big technologies transforming the world of business and the world.

“With the direction that business around the world is going, in the very near future almost anybody in business or in a leadership role is going to need to have, at the very least, an understanding of the capabilities of blockchain technology,” says Geoff Wilmshurst, Vice President, Partnerships at Camosun College.

“We’re very excited to provide this cutting edge knowledge to our community with our valued partner, Blockchain Guru.”

For anyone interested in learning more, Camosun is offering a free virtual information session.

If Blockchain or Bitcoin intimidates you, this session intends to demystify the growing popularity of the mainstream interest and use of blockchain technologies, giving you a full scope of the technologies possibilities.

The 1.5-hour information session will explore three new courses to be offered at Camosun College this Fall.

Anyone interested can find more information here.

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