No you’re not crazy, your phone bill is much higher than everyone else.

In a recent analysis conducted by Tefficient, Canada was ranked the worst for data charges out of 44 countries surveyed.

Not only that, but Canada was among Belgium, Germany, and Greece for the lowest data usage.

Meaning we bolster a more expensive product for our usage.

Therefore, low usage doesn’t necessarily mean low average revenue per unit (ARPU). Market ARPU is uncorrelated with usage.

It’s in Canada, the report says, where operators enjoy a very high total revenue per consumed gigabyte than any other country, not including voice and messaging services.

Measured and analyzed by Tefficient Industry, the data is from the 2019 Canadian markets, but the report says that 2020 data would likely not have changed outlier positions.

While mobile data usage is growing in all of the 44 countries covered by this analysis of the markets, there were three where operators deriving their ARPU much higher than elsewhere: Switzerland, USA and Canada.

Countries like Finland, Taiwan, Latvia, Lithuania, Bahrain and India, the report says, are the most generous with mobile data considering their ARPU, suggesting that operators could expect to get rewarded with higher ARPU as usage grows.

Finland tops the charts – with 24.4 GB per average SIM per month in 2020.

There are plenty of benefits of living in Canada, it just doesn’t appear that having a phone plan is one of them.

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