(Central Saanich Police Service/Facebook)

Central Saanich Police, Fire and Public Works worked together to rescue a horse who found himself in an uncomfortable situation Tuesday afternoon. 

What started as a nice trot quickly turned into a daring rescue.

When crews arrived, they found Simon stuck and unable to move in a nearby swamp. Teams began working together quickly to resolve the issue and free him. 

It is believed Simon veered off the dirt path into the overgrown grass with no way of knowing what was waiting for him on the other side. 

The grass is dense and prevents view of the swamp ahead.

A few Facebook commenters shared stories of their dogs falling into the swamp after walking off the path into the grass as well. 

Rescue crews were able to free Simon using an excavator. 

A local veterinarian was present during the recovery to ensure Simon’s safety and health was maintained throughout the rescue process. 

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