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Hunter S. Thompson-inspired restaurant and brewery is coming to downtown Victoria


A new restaurant inspired by Las Vegas and Hunter S. Thompson is coming across the waters from Vancouver to the heart of Victoria’s downtown.

Superflux Cabana will be a 115 guest capacity full-service restaurant and will open at 804 Broughton Street in fall.

With an expansive beer list and a full menu, the restaurant’s ethos is escape.

“Superflux Cabana’s design ethos embodies the nostalgia of escapism,” says designer and principal Kate Snyder.

“Slightly hedonistic, our goal with the interior design direction was to rouse that oh-so-magical vacation mode feeling.”

Superflux has partnered with Vancouver-based design firm Studio Roslyn, who created notable Victoria spaces such as Superbaba and Parsonage Cafe. 

Designers and principals Jessica MacDonald and Kate Snyder, along with the Studio Roslyn team intend to bring the vision to life through playfully bold design.

The Superflux and Studio Roslyn teams were inspired by imagining a “Las Vegas Pool Bar Trip with Hunter S. Thompson” and have sought to create a space that makes guests feel like they have slipped away elsewhere the moment they walk through the door.

“Atmospheric and a tad irreverent, the design has a certain cheeky nonchalance quality,” Snyder adds.

“We are confident people will have as much fun in the space as we have had developing the concept with the Superflux team.”

Superflux has become a beloved beer brand and the downtown restaurant is new for co-founders Adam Henderson and Matt Kohlen — their first brewery and tasting lounge in Vancouver opened one-year ago in August.

The new space will officially open to the public in the fall.



  • Location: 804 Broughton Street 

For updates and information visit their website and social media.

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