With the recent influx of summer weather Victoria has gotten, people are spending more time than ever outdoors, and that includes in their yards and gardens.

While we all want our yards to look and feel like a natural oasis, it’s important to remember that what you do at home, both inside and outside, can impact the natural environment around you.

There are a few simple things we can all do this summer to save water, prevent pollution and help native plants and animals thrive – plus save time and money too!

Without further ado, here are a some tips from the CRD to help you make your yard or garden an environmentally-friendly space for all:

Use your water wisely

By conserving water outdoors, we can help make sure there is enough available to meet drinking water demand, fight fires and support fish to support fish and ecosystems, through the dry, hot months.

Gold is the new green

Have you considered letting your lawn go golden? Lawns naturally go dormant in the summer and will bounce back to green with the fall rains.

Natural gardening is the way to go

When you plant native species, you’re helping local animals, birds and pollinators thrive and limiting pests naturally. Adapted to our dry summers, native plants don’t need watering once established. Add nutrients back into the soil naturally with compost and mulch.

Nix the spread of harmful invasive species 

Invasive species are plants, animals and microbes that are not native to a region and that tend to out-compete native species for available resources. You can help by not planting invasive species – watch out for mixes that say vigorous spreaders. Look over your space for invasive species and safely remove them if found.

You can do your part to help stop the spread by contacting the CRD when you spot one – Report-a-Weed by calling 1.888.WEEDSBC.

Prevent pollution from entering streams and waterways

Did you know that water that falls as rain on your property can cause pollution? Activities such as power-washing, painting and pool and water disposal can also all lead to run-off into drain systems which lead to local streams and waterways.

No matter how big your yard, garden or balcony is, you can help support biodiversity and healthy ecosystems across our region.

Check out the full list of of ways to stay green this summer via the CRD, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for ongoing updates!

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