UVic Engineering Computer Science Building

The BC government and the University of Victoria have announced they will be building additional learning facilities and expanding programs within Engineering and Computer Science. 

In response to a growing demand on both engineering and computer science programs as well as the need for high-impact solutions in fields such as environmental sustainability and health-care technologies, UVic’s expansion will include a six-story addition which will include a new laboratory and teaching spaces. 

This new building will support 500 additional seats that are currently being added for students in computer science and six engineering programs.

In addition, a new High Bay Research and Structures Lab will be constructed, including a 12-metre-high area for structural testing and other large scale experiments.

Both structures have been designed to achieve a net-zero carbon target and will combine Passive House design features and mass timber structures. 

The buildings will also include heat pumps and green and solar roofs. The buildings will serve as a living lab for experiential learning, research and industry partnerships, and tackle climate change, clean energy and health-care solutions.

“This new space will accelerate UVic’s research discoveries and attract top-tier international scholars and researchers” said Mina Hoorfar, Dean of UVic’s Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, “These landmark buildings will provide a dynamic environment for the training of future engineers and computer scientists”.

The cost of the project totals $89.6 million dollars, with $64.8 million from the province and $24.8 million from the university and through a fundraising campaign. 

The project is anticipated to generate approximately 600 jobs in the construction and supplier industry and, with the additional space and programs, lead to 125 more graduates per year by 2023.

Check out photos of the proposed design below: 

UVic Engineering and Computer Science Building
UVic Engineering and Computer Science Building
UVic Engineering and Computer Science Building
UVic Engineering and Computer Science Building

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