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VicPD investigating protestor struck by car on Blanshard Street Thursday


A protester at an old-growth logging protest was struck by a car on Thursday afternoon in an incident that is currently being investigated.

The victim, Warren Kimmit, 67, stood in front of an Indigenous elder to protect her from vehicles in the 800-block of Blanshard street on Thursday July 22nd.

Kimmit was struck by a car that VicPD said was travelling northbound at a low speed.

VicPD was monitoring the protest and responded to the incident by offering an ambulance to Kimmit.

Kimmit initially declined but a short time later, he requested an ambulance and was transported to hospital for medical evaluation.

There was no visible damage to the vehicle involved and there were no arrests.

VicPD are currently investigating the incident, and investigators say there is no indication that the driver of the vehicle intentionally struck the person who moved into the roadway.

Additionally, investigators are not currently aware of any conflict between the parties before the collision.

In a post on Facebook, a protestor, Jennifer Smith, claims that the vehicle did, in fact, intend to hit the protestor.

“I heard one car angrily lay on the horn and I saw them drive straight at her,” read the post.

“I saw his body go flying like a rag doll. The extent of his injuries is as of yet unknown. She was not hit. He took the blow for her.”

According to Smith, she has given video evidence to VicPD regarding the incident.

Other reports from protestors are also claiming the vehicle hit Kimmit intentionally.

Victoria Buzz has reached out to both VicPD and Jones for the video footage and more information about the incident.

This is a developing story.

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