(Colin Smith Takes Pics)

Dr. Bonnie Henry presented the latest epidemiological modelling for COVID-19 in a press conference on Tuesday.

The modelling comes amidst a fourth wave that Dr. Bonnie Henry said it is fueled by the unvaccinated.

Worse is that it is harming fully-vaccinated elderly and vulnerable populations.

According to data, breakthrough cases are among those aged 80 and up; meanwhile, hospitalizations and cases are climbing, affecting the age groups between 40-59 and 60-79, and mostly among the unvaccinated.

Transmission is mostly occurring among those aged 18 to 29 years old, as well as case counts, which Dr. Henry says is in part due to being the last to have vaccines available to them, as well as lifestyle.

COVID-19 cases amongst children between one and eight are also increasing slightly, which Dr. Bonnie Henry says is due to unvaccinated parents.

From August 16th to 29th, people not fully vaccinated accounted for 80.2% of cases and 88.7% of hospitalizations.

In the media briefing Dr. Bonnie Henry mentioned how a total of 14 cases admitted to hospital have been those under the age 19; three of those cases have gone to the ICU, but all of them have recovered.

Hardest hit by COVID-19 right now is the Interior Health Region where 50 per cent of total COVID-19 cases are originating, affecting 15 per cent of the population.

This is in part due, Henry said, because residents are struggling to access COVID-19 resources due to wildfires.

However, Dr. Bonnie Henry said that the most recent mask mandate is working.

And with more people getting vaccines since the institution of the BC Vaccine card on September 13th, there’s reason to be hopeful.

As of this publication, 85.0% of all eligible adults in BC have received their first dose and 77.6% received their second dose.

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