cowichan rcmp police cruiser
(BC RCMP/Facebook)

The Lake Cowichan RCMP is warning the public of their non-emergency number being targeted in a spoofing scam. 

For the last 24-hours, the Lake Cowichan RCMP said they have received reports from individuals who say they have received phone calls from their non-emergency line. 

Although the caller display appears as Lake Cowichan RCMP, the calls are not coming from the department, and the caller hangs up immediately after the call connects. 

This scam method allows the telephone number to be spoofed, allowing the caller to disguise their real phone number. 

Individuals who receive a phone call or missed phone call from this number are understandably concerned. In cases where an individual misses a call from the number, no voicemail is left. 

“We want to reassure the public that if someone from the Lake Cowichan RCMP is trying to reach you, we would not hang up when you answer, and would leave a message asking you to return our call,” said Sergeant Lita Watson. 

“These calls are now directly impacting public ability to reach the Lake Cowichan Detachment and we are hopeful this is not a purposeful, or malicious tactic being used to flood our phone lines and tie up our resources.”

Not only does this spoofing scam put individuals at possible risk of providing sensitive information due to the call appearing to be coming from the RCMP, it can also cause an influx of incoming calls of those inquiring as to why the RCMP would be contacting them. 

“The Lake Cowichan RCMP has launched a public mischief investigation and we are actively investigating,” said Watson. 

If you receive a call from the Lake Cowichan RCMP (250-749-6668) and no message is left with further instruction by an officer to call back, please do not return the call. 

If you need to file a police report and are unable to reach the Lake Cowichan RCMP by phone, please visit the Lake Cowichan Detachment and file your report in person.

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