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The Liberal Party of Canada has released their election pitch to tackle an issue greatly affecting BC: housing.

The three-step plan will ban blind bidding, establish a legal right to a home inspection, and ban new foreign ownership for two years — a policy the federal Conservatives have also included in their platform.

Three mandates are put forward in the policy proposal: unlock home ownership, build more homes, and protect Canadians rights to own a home.

With a promise to build 1.4 million homes in four years, draft a home buyers’ bill of rights, and reduce monthly costs of mortgages, the Liberals say their plan will make home-buying a more fair, open, and transparent process, while creating a more accessible, stronger middle class.

“Owning a home shouldn’t be out of reach and renting shouldn’t be so expensive for young Canadians,” said Justin Trudeau

“They shouldn’t be losing bidding wars when they see houses sitting empty next door.”

 A recent report from the National Bank of Canada said it would take 28 years of savings to buy a home in Victoria.

The Liberal’s plan intends to save a first-time home owner upwards of $30,000.

It’s unclear how many homes B.C. could expect, but the plan will depend on municipalities to help deliver the new homes.

Just today, Saanich council approved a comprehensive, 10-year housing strategy they say will increase the supply, affordability and diversity of housing options in Saanich.

The strategy will focus on increasing affordable and supportive housing, protecting rental housing, supporting housing diversity and increasing supply, reducing barriers to housing development, and engaging the community to better understand the housing demand of the area.

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