(Esquimalt Memorial Park)

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) will conduct a flyby over Esquimalt tonight.

Both a CH-148 Cyclone from 443 Squadron and a CH -149 Cormorant from 442 Squadron will fly over the National Peacekeepers’ Parade at the Memorial Park Cenotaph in Esquimalt at 7 p.m. Monday, August 9th.

National Peacekeepers’ Day was established in Canada in 2008, and it provides an opportunity for Canadians to honour and express their pride and respect for Canadian forces who have worked in support of international peace and security operations across the world.

The aircrafts will fly over the parade at an altitude no lower than 500 feet.

Both aircrafts are unique helicopters serving specific functions for both rescue and surveillance.

The CH-148 Cyclone is Canada’s ship-borne maritime helicopter, providing air support to the Royal Canadian Navy, and serves roles in surface and subsurface surveillance, search and rescue, utility transport and more.

The CH-149 Cormorant is a long-range helicopter dedicated to search and rescue with an ability to carry up to 12 stretchers.

RCAF ensures that the flybys are carefully planned and closely controlled for public safety, they will also take note of any changing weather and flying conditions.

August 9th was chosen as the day to honour Canada’s peacekeepers in homage of a tragic peacekeeping mission in 1974.

Nine Canadian peacekeepers were on a United Nations-marked Canadian transport aircraft for a regular resupply mission when their plane was shot down by Syrian missiles in the Middle East.

Veteran Affairs Canada said that since 1948, more than 125,000 Canadian peacekeepers have participated in dozens of international efforts all over the world.

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