Disposing of yard waste just got a whole lot easier, Victoria.

Starting on September 13th, Victoria residents can include yard waste, like lawn clippings, leaves, and grass, in their organics bins for curbside pick up.

In the same announcement, the City of Victoria also announced that residents will only have until September 13th to leave their garbage and organics for collection in their backyard.

After that date, residents will need to bring their bins to their curb for collection on designated days like most other municipalities in the area.

A waste composition study from 2020 found yard waste made up 10 per cent of the garbage the city collects.

Previously green waste could only be dumped on Saturdays at a public works yard between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m., not including sod, rocks, or branches.

For residents with mobility issues, the city’s Helping Hands service is available for assistance.

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