(Becky Clark/Facebook)

A brand new community pantry opened in Langford over the weekend, bringing non-perishable food items to those passing by in the neighbourhood. 

The “Little Free Pantry” was created by Becky Clark, her husband and a group of friends from their local church, who set out to find a way to add love to their own neighbourhood. 

While not being able to attend church in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the group hoped to create something new that would benefit the neighbourhood and bring people together during a difficult and isolating time. 

After becoming a member of the Facebook groups ‘Langford-Colwood Embrace’ and ‘How Can We Help Colwood/Langford’, Becky Clark was inspired by the generosity and kindness she saw from other group members supporting one another. 

From this, the “Little Free Pantry” project was born. 

The pantry was set up at 2878 Leigh Road (next to the Flute Lane parking lot), using materials bought from Restore and donated from other group members. 

The pantry operates with the belief of “If you need something, take it. If you have extra, leave it”. 

Visitors to the pantry can take a food item with them or leave a non-perishable item for the next traveller. 

Many of the group’s children were also involved in the creation of the pantry, “It helps them learn compassion, generosity and kindness,” Clark said, “They are so excited to check the pantry each day and keep it tidy!” 

The Little Free Pantry is located at 2878 Leigh Road (next to the Flute Lane parking lot).

Over the course of the pandemic, many have made significant additions to neighbourhoods across Victoria to create a stronger sense of community

In June, a group of volunteers created Victoria’s first community fridge. In July, the city installed it’s 500th Little Free Library.

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