(Victoria Chinatown Care Foundation/Facebook)

In a Sunday release, Island Health has declared an outbreak at the Victoria Chinatown Care Centre long-term care home. 

To date, two cases of COVID-19 have been identified within the care home.

All thirty one residents as well as staff are being tested for COVID-19. Communication with residents, family and staff is ongoing.

According to Island Health, the following steps have been taken as part of the outbreak response at the home:

  • COVID-positive residents have been isolated to their rooms;
  • All social visitation, admissions and transfers have been stopped;
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols and use of personal protective equipment;
  • Island Health continues to support the outbreak response;
  • Staffing levels and supply of personal protective equipment are being closely monitored and Island Health is supporting where needed, to ensure safe resident care continues

The most recent COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria occurred at Sunset Lodge which is now over. 

During that outbreak, 6 people succumbed to the virus. In total 15 staff and 21 residents tested positive for the virus.

The origin of the Victoria Chinatown Care Centre outbreak is still under investigation.

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