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Federal Election 2021: Here are the five candidates running for election in Victoria


The 44th Canadian federal election is just days away now.

On September 20th, Victoria residents will be heading to their nearest polling stations to take part in the democratic process and elect an MP to represent the electoral district in Ottawa.

Here’s a breakdown of the five major candidates running for election in Victoria:

Conservative Party of Canada

The federal Conservatives announced their candidate in the riding of Victoria in late August.

Hannah Hodson is a former Clark staffer, and a transgender Canadian whose intention is to advance LGBTQ+ rights, protect the environment, and manage the affordability and housing crises.

While federally the Conservative Party of Canada is neck-and-neck with Trudeau’s Liberals, the Victoria riding has historically been a different story.

The NDP and Liberals have had a stronghold over the Victoria riding for more than three decades.

The Conservatives and Hodson hope their plan appeals to voters in Victoria, but concerns over the Conservative Party’s commitment to reconciliation and Caucasus members’ values are often cited in the lack of young people supporting the party.

See the Conservative Party of Canada’s platform here.

Green Party of Canada

Nick Loughton is the Green candidate for Victoria hoping to get a seat in parliament campaigning with a mandate of affordable housing, living wages, universal health care ,climate action, and Indigenous truth and reconciliation.

Nick Loughton was a cancer researcher at the University of Calgary and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Law.

This is his first tenure as a Green party candidate, though he also worked with former candidate Racelle Kooy for the Green party in 2019.

Loughton’s focus, if elected, would be to tackle issues surrounding the climate crisis, accessible health care, and income inequality.

Since Fredericton MP Jenica Atwin left the Green Party for the Liberals in June, the Green Party has seen a steep decline in the polls.

Green Party leader, Annamie Paul, is in her first year as Green Party leader, but the party has been plagued with in-fighting.

Paul said she has considered stepping down several times.

Read the Green Party of Canada’s platform here.

Liberal Party of Canada

With the endorsement by former BC Green leader, Andrew Weaver, it appears Liberal candidate, Nikki Macdonald, will make this race for Victoria riding a close one again.

With a PhD in Ocean Climate Policy, MacDonald represents a challenge to the incumbent MP, Laurel Collins.

Macdonald is running for the second time after campaigning for the Liberals in 2019. In her previous showing, she placed third behind the Greens and NDP, but increased the Liberals’ vote share by over 10 per cent compared to 2015.

She sits on the board of directors for the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and the Mount Work Coalition.

Macdonald’s main issues of concern for this election involve climate change and the opioid crisis.

Justin Trudeau had hoped the snap election would give him the majority government he said was needed to get out of this COVID-19 pandemic swiftly, amid other reasons, but since calling the election Liberals have been deadlocked in a tight race with the Conservatives.

Read the Liberal Party of Canada’s platform here.

New Democratic Party

The incumbent MP for the NDP and their environment and climate-change critic, Laurel Collins, is once again running in Victoria.

Collins echoes the NDP’s climate change policies and has shown her commitment to the cause as a member of the CRD Regional Water Supply Commission and a director on the board of the Green Municipal Fund.

She has also taught courses in Social Justice, Sociology, and Social Inequality at the University of Victoria.

Collins says if re-elected, she will continue to advocate for stronger climate change legislation, and address issues involving the opioid and housing crises.

The NDP are holding a stronghold in BC with poll numbers staying steady compared to the 2019 election.

Leader, Jagmeet Singh, is the most likeable leader, according to polls, and he has campaigned for big ideas, including free dental care, but has been criticized for a lack of plan.

Read the NDP’s platform here.

People’s Party of Canada

John Randal Phipps will represent the PPC party.

Phipps founded the first modernized pedicab company in Canada in his home of Victoria: Kabuki Kabs.

Phipps pursued a career as a Financial Planner and is campaigning on how “elite classes” stick it to the lower classes through greed and unprincipled processes.

The PPC party has been gaining in the federal polls as of late, and you can read their platform here.

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