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Federal Election 2021: Here’s how to cast your vote in Greater Victoria


After several weeks of campaigning, debates, protests, and rocks thrown, the 2021 Canadian federal elections are nearly at an end.

Starting at 7 a.m. PST on Monday, September 20th, voters across BC have 12 hours to cast their ballot and help decide who will lead the country. 

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All registered voters must bring either one piece of government-issued ID, or two pieces of ID that both have their name and at least one with a current address, or declare their identity and address in writing and have a witness to vouch for their identity at the polling station.

Here’s how to find out where to go to cast your ballot:

  • Go to the Elections Canada website.
  • Type in your postal code and click ‘Go’.
  • Click on the blue tab that says ‘Where do I vote?’
  • The website will take you to your designated poll station and provide information about the site’s accessibility.

These are all the major local candidates running for election in Greater Victoria:


Laurel Collins – NDP

Hannah Hodson – Conservative Party

Nick Loughton – Green Party

Nikki Macdonald – Liberal Party

John Randal Phipps – People’s Party


Randall Garrison – NDP

Laura Frost – Conservative Party

Harley Gordon – Green Party

Doug Kobayashi – Liberal Party

Rob Anderson – People’s Party

Saanich-Gulf Islands

Sabina Singh – NDP

David Busch – Conservative Party

Elizabeth May – Green Party

Sherri Moore-Arbour – Liberal Party

David Hilderman – People’s Party

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