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Federal Election 2021: Here’s where each political party currently stands in the polls


With less than a week until the Federal Election, a recent poll has determined that the Conservative Party of Canada and the Liberal Party of Canada are duking it out for the top spot.

Recent poll results from national polling firm, Leger, has Conservatives and Liberals tied at 32 per cent for their chance to form government in this 2021 election.

Pollsters say that 75 per cent of Canadian decided voters say that the party they have chosen to vote for is their final choice, while 14 per cent are still likely to change their mind, and 11 per cent don’t know yet.

Advanced voting closed on Monday night.

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The recent results are in stark contrast to early August, when Justin Trudeau’s Liberals  held a stable, if not large, lead. The results placed the governing party in first place with 36 per cent of decided voters and just over 11 per cent favoured O’Toole as Prime Minister.

While it appeared Trudeau called the election for the chance to form a majority government, it now appears a proportion of Canadians believe the Liberal Party of Canada may not even form the next government.

Meanwhile, at 20 per cent, the NDP is trending downwards in support.

Fringe parties, the People’s Party of Canada, has had a slight uptick in support, gaining 2 points and the Maverick Party—a party born from the ‘Wexit’ movement in Alberta—now sits at 5 per cent in Alberta which eats away at Conservative support.

Executive Vice-President, Christian Bourque, also said that a surge of Bloc Quebecois support in Quebec is taking votes from both Conservatives and Liberals, despite Premier Legault’s Conservative endorsement.

“This survey is further evidence that next Monday night will likely be a nail-biter regardless of stripe,” Bourque said.

Voting day begins September 20th!

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