A popular pub near the Gorge is set to close their doors after this weekend, but not without one last hurrah!

Before they say goodbye to the over 100-year-old bar, The Gorge Pointe Pub will be serving the last of its drinks and food from now until Saturday night.

From craft brews to great food, and cocktails too, the Gorge Pointe Pub plans to make the last hurrah a special one for all their loyal customers.

“We’re gonna finish this off right and give the people memories of a bustling bar with an incredible atmosphere,” owner Mike Louis told Victoria Buzz..

The decision, Louis said, is not an easy one.

Amidst the pandemic, staff shortages, and the purchase of the property in May, Louis said it was the most viable option to give his staff and customers the respect they deserve.

“We had to cut hours and days. We don’t want the [Gorge Pointe] pub to be remembered like that,” Louis said.

“It[Closing]’s like ripping a band-aid off: better to do it fast, not long.”

Though the closure might seem sudden, in May, news broke that Abstract Developments, a Greater Victoria development company, purchased the Esquimalt property at 1075 Tillicum Road with plans to redevelop the site.

When we talked to Mike Louis in May, he was unaware that discussions over the future of the Gorge Pointe Pub were over.

“As far as we knew, we were still trying to work on something,” Louis told Victoria Buzz in May.

While Louis was in high spirits talking to us now, he didn’t shy away from his grievances.

“You know, I’d like to say it’s bittersweet, but it’s mostly bitter,” Louis laughs.

“But regardless, tomorrow, we’ll be here to remember our fondest memories and reminisce about the good times, and look forward to building some more memories in some different places too.”

For the regulars that love the pub, or the passersby that have also wanted to try, the Gorge Pointe Pub is open for only two nights more, so make sure you check it out!

Tomorrow’s special is called the ‘Gimme a Beer’- which Louis told me is the bartender’s choice of any beer for 3$.

“We’re going until there’s no more beer and no more food, and then that’s it, the doors will close for good,” Louis added.

While the Gorge Point liquor store, Liquor Stop, will stay open until November, Louis said that soon you’ll actually be able to have a physical piece of the pub as well.

“We’re planning an open house auction where people can bid on Gorge Pointe Pub memorabilia, including vintage photos and chairs, with all proceeds being donated to Our Place Society,” Louis said.

More news to come on that as it develops.

While we’re sad to see the over a hundred year old bar go, we’re happy that people have one last chance to celebrate a staple of Victoria’s pub scene!