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The province has detailed how the BC Vaccine card will work when it is implemented on Monday, September 13th.

Starting September 13th, you will need to be vaccinated with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination; by October 24th, you will need to be fully-vaccinated in order to attend businesses or events requiring proof of vaccination.

Registering for your Vaccine Card

Residents will be required to register for their vaccine card online through a portal which was launched Tuesday morning.

The registration system asks for a resident’s personal health number, date of birth and date of COVID-19 vaccine. Those who already use the BC Services Card app can alternately log in that way.

Once registered, the user can access a downloadable QR code that serves as proof they’ve been vaccinated.

Alternatively, people without access to a computer and printer can get their card by calling 1-833-838-2323 at the Get Vaccinated call centre and get their printed copy mailed to them.

Businesses that will require proof of vaccination include restaurants and bars, indoor events, theatres, and sporting events.

Food courts, grab-go, drive thru, cafeterias at universities, will not require proof of vaccinations

The vaccine card will not be required for youth aged 19 and under playing sports.

Until September 27th, you may use your physical copy of your BC vaccination record. After then, you will need to use the online BC Vaccine card. 

BC Vaccine Card

The BC Vaccine Card is a scannable QR code which demonstrates whether you’re either fully, partially, or have no record of your vaccination.

Your record will show up something like this:

The province said they are working with the federal government to assure that the QR code is one that can be used to travel internationally, once proof of vaccination is required for that.

If you get caught without your vaccination card you can be issued violations of up to $575 for individuals or $2300 for owners/operators.

Travelling to BC

If you are travelling into BC, you will also be asked to show your proof of vaccination. BC will accept officially recognized vaccine records from your province.

International visitors will also need to show proof of vaccination.

It’s unclear what that means for countries or provinces that have not developed a proof of vaccination card or system.


For businesses that might be a bit worried about how to proceed, the province is providing online support systems here.

Businesses will soon have an app that can scan to verify these QR codes. They can also visually verify, like with ID’s.

Businesses will be required to validate name and vaccination records with a government issued ID.

Paper vaccination records will only be accepted until September 27th.

From then on, the virtual BC Vaccine Card will be the only accepted form of proof.

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