A new animal bylaw in Nanaimo is turning heads.

Effective immediately, the Animal Responsibility Bylaw has made a prohibition of roaming cats on another’s property without an owner’s permission.

Nanaimo city council has also banned owning four or more dogs over four months old and made it mandatory for cats over six months old to be identified and sterilized.

The goal of the bylaw, Nanaimo city council said, is to protect the health and well-being of the animals and emphasize the importance of animal safety and responsible pet ownership.

The bylaw was adopted on Tuesday, September 21st.

Other bylaw provisions include changing the “vicious dog” designation to “aggressive dog,” and that in the case of a lost cat where no owner is found, the cat will be spayed or neutered, affixed with permanent identification, and put up for adoption to an indoor-only home.

Any seizure and impound fees will be waived until January 1st, 2023, for any cat impounded that is sterilized and has identification.

While it may seem strict, cats will not require a leash.

To see a more detailed version of the bylaw click here.

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