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This tool will help alleviate the stress of job interviews for young students


Interviews can be stressful!

But a new storytelling tool has been developed by Camosun College to aid young students with the pressure of interviews, helping those who struggle to display what it is that makes them a good employee.

“CamSTAR has been developed by Camosun’s Applied Learning, Co-op Education and Career Services department to teach students how to use structured storytelling to demonstrate their skills, behaviours, and competencies for an employer.

To help students, the CamSTAR app will log curated stories and personal examples for the students so that they can reference and develop their professional skills.

This means that when a challenging question such as ‘can you name a time you demonstrated leadership?’ comes up, interviewees can demonstrate their skills.

The app is intended for use in interviews, resumes, or digital portfolios.

“CamSTAR helps you prepare for those really hard behaviour-based questions,” says University Transfer student Sofia Devlin.

“Even if you don’t necessarily have a sense about how to go about developing your STAR stories it offers helpful examples.”

CamSTAR is intended to alleviate the pressure of interviews and instil the skill necessary for them to demonstrate their specific skill for something the interviewer is asking.

This tool will be integrated into select programs and into Camosun’s Career Development course.

Camosun’s Career Services will be offering a series of webinars and one-on-one support to orient students to the online resource in October and November.

With this app, no longer will you be left wondering what answers you can give!

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