(MARPAC Twitter)

Two people are safe after their boat caught fire on Monday afternoon off the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

According to Maritime Forces Pacific (MARPAC), a distress signal was sent from the operators of the 14-metre pleasure craft around 1:30 p.m near the coast of Egg Island.

Military and coast guard personnel at the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Victoria responded but were unable to detect a radio signal and locate the ship.

Luckily, a civilian plane was flying overhead and reported the fire, a representative for MARPAC told Victoria Buzz.

Both a Buffalo search-and-rescue plane and a Cormorant helicopter were dispatched from the Canadian Forces Base in Comox.

After locating the two operators, who had boarded a row boat but were rowing towards heavy seas and rocky terrain with high winds, the Buffalo aircraft was first on scene and dropped a radio and a sea-rescue kit, including a life raft, down to the rowboat.

A fishing boat picked up the two survivors approximately 15 minutes later where first responders determined they were uninjured in the incident.

Their 14-metre pleasure craft burned and sank as the coast guard arrived.

Victoria Buzz did not receive a response in time for publication on whether the coast guard will investigate the incident.

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