(Bert Fawdrey/BCLC)

Victoria resident Bert Fawdrey and his family were out for lunch when they learned they had won big while playing Lotto Max.

The winning ticket, which came from the August 27th draw, had been purchased by Fawdrey on the PlayNow.com website.

While out for lunch, the family decided to check the ticket on the BCLC Lotto app. To their surprise they were met with the winner’s jingle!

“My wife actually overhead the sound of the app playing the jingle,” says Fawdrey, “So she asked me what it won, and then I showed her.”

The family had won $500,000. 

“I was very surprised and didn’t believe it,” Fawdrey said. “At first I read through and saw it, and I had to double and triple check.”

When asked if there were any plans for the winnings, Fawdrey said there were no immediate plans but expressed how much of a relief this prize brings to his family overall.

“For my wife, my son and I, it’s a very comfortable feeling.”

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