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While it may not seem like it today, this summer was the sunniest one in a long time!

Victoria International Airport recorded its sunniest summer since 1967 with a total of 837 hoursthat’s over a month of sun!

This summer follows 1967, 1961, and 1958 for the sunniest recorded summers of all time.

While that may have been the case for this summer, it looks like today didn’t get the memo as we are expecting showers all day and night, according to Environment Canada.

But don’t worry, there’s still a bit of summer left, as Wednesday and Thursday will reach up to 18 degrees and will be mostly sunny each day until Thursday night.

(Environment Canada)

By Friday, and the rest of the weekend, we might see another day that looks a lot like today with showers on Friday and between a 30-60% chance of showers on Saturday and Sunday.

So, grab those shades and enjoy the few days of sun this week, Victoria!

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