(Staff outside the Wild Cafe this morning)

Wild Cafe & Bistro, located at 632 Yates Street, has closed indefinitely.

A notice of repossession was posted to the former business’ front door on August 25th, and according to the post, the building owners have changed the locks and no one is allowed on the premises without their permission.

In late July, staff at Wild Cafe & Bistro refused to go to work after they claimed the owner wasn’t meeting basic employment standards.

According to the employees, of which there were four, they were not being paid on time, the equipment at the cafe was broken or faulty, there was insufficient coverage and not enough workers, and the owner was negligible in her duties.

Industrial Workers of the World were contacted by the employees for options on what they were entitled to.

Victoria Buzz contacted the owner of Wild Cafe, Marla Donaldson in July.

Donaldson said she had been in Mexico since winter and because of border closures had not been able to return.

Donaldson maintained that she paid her employees and denies any claims otherwise.

Donaldson refuted claims that the machines were broken, other than the dishwasher, and she said she remained open to communication about employee’s needs.

But this isn’t an isolated incident for Donaldson.

After publishing the first article, Victoria Buzz also received a call from an artist who had hung her art in Wild Cafe & Bistro who also claimed Donaldson had failed to pay her.

In 2015, a former employee with Wild Cafe won a claim after the employee was not compensated financially.

Victoria Buzz has reached out to the property manager for more information on the closure.