British Columbia Legislature (File Photo)

In a press release today, the provincial government announced the inauguration of a new council set to give young people a platform to help shape future government policy.

The StrongerBC Young Leaders Council will be made up of youth aged fourteen to twenty-six from various backgrounds and locations across the province. 

The council will provide ongoing feedback directly to Brittny Anderson, the Premier’s special adviser on youth. 

“This is an exciting opportunity for young people across B.C. to meet like-minded leaders who want to make a difference,” Anderson said, 

“This new council gives our future leaders a voice, and our government is committed to listening to that voice as we look to shape our province for generations to come.”

The council will aim to bring together a passionate and influential group of youth who are Indigenous, Black or people of colour, who live in rural or remote areas, young people living with disabilities, 2SLGBTQ+ and other young leaders from equity-seeking communities.

Those interested in being a part of the StrongerBC Young Leaders Council must first go through an application process in order to be considered. 

Applications can be found here.

Successful applicants will be appointed for a one-year term, attending a mix of in-person and virtual meetings every three months.

Meetings will cover topics such as economic recovery, the environment and natural resources, climate change, education, housing, mental health and other areas important to youth.

Once completed, they will have the option to continue with the council for up to three years. 

“As a youth leader in B.C. and a high school student looking into the future, I feel it is vital for young people to learn how to tap in and engage with the opportunities and resources that interest and assist them, said Sophia Nguyen, interim chief executive officer of the B.C. Youth Council, 

“I encourage youth to apply for the StrongerBC Young Leaders Council to help our society be better prepared for the future by communicating to the government what matters most to youth.”

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