Thanksgiving is coming up and with the cool winds bringing on those cozy sweaters it feels like the perfect time to talk about food.

From gravy to cranberry sauce, to brussel sprouts and stuffing, to the classic roast turkey, Thanksgiving is often a time to fill up on family, fun, and food.

It’s also a great time to express gratitude.

But that doesn’t mean there can’t be a little competition.

In a recent survey, Chef’s Pencil tracked down which provinces prefer which side dishes at Turkey time.

By analyzing the number of Google searches done last year around Thanksgiving (between October 8th and October 12th), Chef’s Pencil determined the country’s favourite side dishes and desserts.

Brussels sprouts – roasted or with ham – are the top favorite in British Columbia, Alberta, and Yukon with Butternut Squash and Mashed Potatoes battling it out for the remainder of the country.

Not surprising was the fact that gravy won in almost all provinces except Newfoundland and Labrador, where cranberry sauce reigned supreme.

But this is a democracy after all, and its desserts where the country, you could say, banana splits.

If you are in Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador, apple pie is the king of Thanksgiving desserts. And there are two more exceptions to the rule: New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, where apple crisp is the most popular Thanksgiving dessert.

The remainder of Canada picked a classic: pumpkin pie.

But what about the stuffing?

Well, Chef’s Pencil said that while it was the most searched item around Thanksgiving time, they chose not to include stuffing in the report.

Let’s hope that you don’t forget to include it on your dinner table though.

Happy thanksgiving!

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