(Victoria Buzz)

Trick-or-treating is a significant North American pastime shared by all.

Well, except the candy. The kids don’t share that.

But given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it appears trick-or-treating might only be reserved for certain households this year.

In a recent Leger poll, only 44 per cent of Canadian households said they will be handing out candy this Halloween and about 41 per cent of BC households said they would keep up the tradition this year.


Is there such a thing as a Halloween Grinch?

Of the BC households polled, 26 per cent said they will be handing out candy and the other 33 per cent they didn’t to begin with.

While Leger cites COVID-19 as a big concern, other factors could contribute to the hesitation. Though, those reasons went unreported.

It also appears that households in suburban areas (48%) are more likely to hand out candy than in urban areas (40%) and that those in the 33-54 age group are the most likely to be giving out candy (47%).

Of all the provinces, Alberta appears to be the most excited to hand out candy (57%) and Quebec the least (29%).

If you’re a kid and reading this, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get your candy fix.

Besides, be glad that you’ve got one more household than the three and a half out of ten households that the US said will be handing out candy this year.

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