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Since the vaccine passport rolled out on September 13th, more than half of BC residents said they have used the new card for proof of vaccination.

In a survey conducted by Insights West, 58 per cent of respondents have used the new vaccine card already at a restaurant or at some other non-essential business, but a third said the card was not checked when it should have been.

According to the poll, support for the vaccine card has not changed (77 per cent) since the concept was first introduced in mid-August—about 20 per cent are opposed to the vaccine card.

Nearly 30 per cent of residents said they wouldn’t go to an establishment again if they failed to check vaccine cards and 6 per cent said they would call out the business on social media.

“Our poll also clearly shows that those businesses who don’t comply with the mandate are subject to the backlash of people who are in favour of the new rules,” said Steve Mossop, President of Insights West.

Additionally, the implementation of the vaccine card has resulted in many people in BC feeling more confident about returning to pre-pandemic behaviours including:

  • 48% say they are more comfortable now in going to a restaurant or bar
  • 29% are more comfortable going to a movie theatre
  • 25% to indoor gatherings such as weddings and conferences
  • 23% feel more comfortable about going to either gyms or other recreational activities indoors
  • About one-in-five feel more comfortable going to live concerts (20%) and live sporting events (17%)

In all, about two-thirds feel more comfortable doing at least one of these activities, while about a third (31 per cent) indicate the vaccine cards don’t make a difference in their comfort level, according to the poll.

“What surprised us, however, was the relatively large number of people in BC who have experienced incidents where the public establishment didn’t properly ask for the BC Vaccine Card upon entry,” said Mossop.

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