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RCMP reinforce temporary injunction at Fairy Creek


Police have begun to reinforce a temporary injunction at sites of old-growth blockades in Fairy Creek.

On Monday, RCMP arrested five old-growth logging protestors.

On October 8th, the BC Court of Appeal reinstated the injunction pending the outcome of an appeal brought forward by the Teal-Jones company who holds the license for logging in the area.

Teal-Jones’ appeal is scheduled for November 15th.

The news may come as a surprise to some as it was less than a month ago that old-growth logging protestors and supporters were celebrating.

In September, an extension for a court injunction against old-growth logging protests was not approved.

Judge Thompson cited the erosion of law, the RCMP’s infringement of civil liberties, including the impairment on freedom of press, and the Court’s risk of “further depreciation of its reputation,” as his core reasons for not granting the extension to the Teal-Jones Group in September.

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Since the extension was rejected on September 28th, RCMP have continued to maintain a presence in the area—both RCMP and old-growth protestors confirmed.

Now, RCMP have a temporary injunction which can continue enforcement.

“Early this morning, police were able to remove an obstacle along Granite Mainline Forest Service Road, which protesters had been using as a kitchen, consisting of several shelves, tables, cooking and food preparation equipment and tools,” RCMP said in a media release.

“Individuals were given the opportunity to pack their personal belongings and leave the area without being arrested.”

Blockades have been set up since August 2020, making the Fairy Creek old-growth logging protests Canada’s largest act of civil disobedience in history.

So far, the RCMP have arrested 1,114 individuals since May.

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