We all wear a disguise each and every day of our lives.

But around this time we dress up in a way that’s a little more fun, spooky, and downright scary!

With under two weeks until Halloween, have you gotten your costume?

While some of us stick to the old faithful ghoul and goblin costumes, some of us like to keep up with the trends.

And this year the trend is obvious: Squid Game.

If you haven’t heard of this popular Korean Netflix series, it’s all the rage.

Players are pitted in six playground games and compete to the death – whoever’s left in the end wins a cash grand prize.

The show quickly became one of the most popular shows on Netflix and became the first foreign series to covet the spot as most watched series in the world.

So, it’s no surprise that this Hallow’s eve, you’ll see plenty of Squid Game references in Canada.

According to Google Trends data, obtained by FatherMag, the Squid Game costume is the most searched and sought after costume in Canada, as well as Ireland, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

But it doesn’t take the top spot in all the provinces.

Saskatchewan sides with 1,001 Dalmatians’ antagonist, Cruella, while Newfoundland & Labrador are still partial to Harley Quinn, from Suicide Squad.

Meanwhile, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are partial to the classics: the witch costume.

From the Halloween popularity index of the past 30 days, Squid Game, Princess, Cruella, and Witch take the top spots, respectively.

Dinosaur and Fairy tie for fifth.

So, if you’re one of those people who isn’t sure what to dress up as for Halloween yet, take this as a sign and get with the times!

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