(Lululemon / Twitter)

Lululemon debuted its collection for Canadians for the 2022 winter olympics.

Olympians and Paralympians will head to Beijing this winter for the 24th Winter Olympics dressed head-to-toe in Lululemon.

From athletes to support staff, to coaches and trainers, every member of Team Canada will be fit in the popular BC-based company’s athletic wear.

The designs implement the classic red and white of our Canadian flag, with some outfits implementing a camouflage pattern full of Canadian maple leafs.

Puff jackets and vests, bucket hats, touques, and duck-hunting hats run the gamut of this Lululemon olympian winter-wear. Special hiking boots were also created by Lululemon’s design team to complete the look.

Canadian Lululemon customers will be able to buy the Olympic-inspired garments online and in store starting today.

Since 2005, the Canadian department store chain Hudson’s Bay has outfitted Team Canada.

Now, the Vancouver-based athletic wear company will outfit Canadian athletes at these next four Olympic games:

  • The Winter Games in Beijing in 2022
  • The Summer Games in Paris in 2024
  • The Winter Games in Milan in 2026
  • The Summer Games set for Los Angeles in 2028

The Beijing Olympics will begin February 4th, 2022 and go until February 20th.

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