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The only shuttle bus service from Victoria International Airport to downtown Victoria has been suspended indefinitely. 

In an announcement by the Wilson’s Group, effective Monday, October 11th, the YYJ Airport Shuttle Bus will no longer be in operation. 

Previous to this, the YYJ Airport Shuttle Bus would bring passengers to and from YYJ to the Capital City station in downtown Victoria. The shuttle bus would also drop off and pick up passengers from various downtown hotels. 

In March 2020, the service was paused due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In August 2020, eased restrictions and increased plane travel encouraged the company to bring the shuttle service back, with changes in operation. 

Upon resuming, the company operated on a modified schedule with trips from the airport to the Capital City station operating every 90 minutes rather than the usual 30 minute intervals. 

Scheduled pick-up and drop-off service at various hotels across Victoria also became reservation only. 

The plane traffic was not enough ridership to cover costs, however, and as a result, the shuttle service is now suspended indefinitely. 

Thankfully, the suspension of the airport service did not result in any job losses for shuttle drivers. Staff who were displaced due to the suspension of the service were moved to jobs in other divisions within the company. 

The company says they will monitor passenger traffic within Victoria International Airport, in the hopes of bringing the shuttle service back in the Spring or Summer of 2022. 

With this announcement, travelling to and from YYJ becomes increasingly difficult for travellers without a car.

Currently, BC Transit does not offer a direct bus route between YYJ and downtown Victoria. 

From the airport, travellers must take a #88 bus to the McTavish Exchange before then boarding a #72 bus to downtown Victoria. 

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