Reality bites.

But for one Lantzville resident who scored $100,000 on a Scratch & Win Ticket this past weekend, that bite was oh so sweet.

Barabara Don was at Save-On-Foods on Island Highway North buying her mom a lottery ticket when, on a whim, she decided to get one for herself.

Turns out, it was in good faith.

“I scanned it [the winning ticket] on my phone and stared at the screen thinking this can’t be real,” Don recalled.

“I was in disbelief. I thought I was reading the whole ticket wrong!”

The first person Don told was her husband, who was out on a walk, and then later that night, at a birthday dinner for her mother, Don graciously offered to pick up the tab.

“I am happy to pick up the dinner tabs for my friends and family with this special win,” she said.

Now, Don can make her dreams a reality as she intends to build her dream home, in addition to sharing her win with loved ones.

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