(Island View Beach/CRD)

A Thanksgiving dog walk along Island View Beach earlier this week ended in tragedy when a two year old dog was attacked and killed. 

On Monday, at approximately 3:45 p.m., Dianne Donohue was walking her two-year-old Havanese, Daisy, when two large dogs approached them. 

The dogs, who were described as having shepherd colouring and possibly mixed breeds, were not leashed and no owner was in sight.

The two dogs, who were much larger than Daisy, proceeded to attack her. 

Donohue attempted to separate the animals and save Daisy, but said no other witnesses at the beach attempted to step in to help.

The dogs were never called off by their owner and, unfortunately, Donohue was unable to fight them off herself. 

When Daisy was finally able to be separated from the dogs, she was rushed to the car. 

Donohue was not able to get any information or identify the owner of the attacking dogs. 

Daisy was rushed off to the emergency vet where she succumbed to her injuries eight hours after the attack. 

Donohue reported the incident to CRD Animal Control who confirmed with Victoria Buzz that it was aware of the incident and was investigating.

The CRD is requesting anyone who may have witnessed the attack to call 250-474-3351 with information.

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