In line with the federal mandate, WestJet has announced their mandatory vaccination policy for travellers on their domestic and international flights.

Effective October 30th, WestJet and Swoop will begin to operate as a fully-vaccinated airlines for both travellers and employees.

WestJet will implement the vaccination policies for travellers in two phases.

Phase I, for travel between October 30th and November 29th, will require travellers to provide proof of vaccination of being fully-immunized against COVID-19 or proof of a valid COVID-19 (PCR) test to demonstrate the requirements for travel.

Phase II will begin on and after November 30th, and it will require all travellers, aged 12 and over, to provide proof of full-immunization against COVID-19.

“The implementation of these policies mark a major confidence milestone for our industry as Canadians can fly knowing that they are travelling within a fully-vaccinated ecosystem,” said Ed Sims, WestJet Group, President and CEO

“As we transition to a fully vaccinated company and Canadian airline industry, we will continue to advocate for the recalibration of travel guidance and policies that were implemented prior to the widespread availability of vaccines.”

Effective October 30th, WestJet and Swoop will implement their mandatory employee vaccination policy for current and future employees.

WestJet said that 98 per cent of their workforce has self-declared their vaccinations against COVID-19.

Those who fail to achieve a fully-vaccinated status by October 30th will face unpaid leave and termination of employment, WestJet said.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that Canada would begin to launch a standard federal proof of COVID-19 vaccination system for travel.

The proof of vaccination system may be used both within Canada and for international travel.

The US announced last week that borders will be opened to fully-vaccinated travellers by air, land or passenger ferry starting November 8th.

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