This is your official bi-annual reminder to reset your clocks!

Daylight Saving Time (DST) will come to an end in BC on Sunday, November 7th at 2 a.m., reverting the time back by one hour to 1 a.m.

While the time on your electronic devices will probably reset automatically, those manual watches and clocks will need to be turned back by hand.

In 2019, a provincial survey asked British Columbians if the province should continue to conduct the daylight saving time practice every year.

In total, a whopping 223,273 residents responded to the survey, with 93% of people responding speaking in favour of making a permanent switch to DST.

Despite this overwhelming response, nothing has gone forward (no pun intended). 

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This is also a good time to check your smoke detectors to make sure they are in good working order.

In recent weeks, housefires in James Bay and Saanich have tragically claimed the lives of two Vancouver Island residents.

By aligning your smoke detector checks with DST you have set dates, twice a year, to check on these incredibly important life saving tools.

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