When a woman leaves a violent relationship, there are three things she needs: safety, a place to stay, and hope. 

One local organization in Victoria that has been doing work to support women during these transitions in life is the Cridge Centre for the Family.

If you watched the recent Netflix series, MAID, you would know that none of these things are easy to come by. While MAID depicted a woman living in the US, her story is relevant and all too common here in Victoria.

According to Stats Canada, the moment a woman attempts to leave her abusive partner, the risk of her being killed increases six times, putting her and her children in danger. 

Bringing awareness to these situations is just the first step in helping those who are experiencing violence in their homes.

The Cridge Centre for the Family has been providing support and services for women in abusive relationships for the past 30 years, providing safety, housing and hope. As a result, thousands of women have benefitted and moved on to safety, stability and health.

The Cridge Transition House is an emergency shelter that provides a safe place for women with or without children escaping violence or abuse in their homes for up to 30 days.

They offer the following:

  • Supportive counselling
  • Connections to community supports and advocacy
  • Support meeting the needs of children
  • An opportunity to support and be supported by other women in the same situation.
  • Outreach services for those unsure or unable to leave but want to know more about the available help. Call a Cridge outreach worker at (250) 479-3963 for more information.

Additionally, there is The Cridge Supportive Transitional Housing that includes:

  • Affordable housing for women and children fleeing abuse, immigrant & refugee individuals and families
  • Townhouse and suites that are provided at lower than market rents
  • One-year housing contracts that are renewable up to 3 years total,
  • Support to families moving from crisis and instability to self-sufficiency, personal safety, and stability.

Every year, over 200,000 Canadian women receive brain injuries from their intimate partners; and up to 80% of women who have been in a violent relationship have received at least one brain injury from their partner.

In light of recent research and a long history of The Cridge Centre serving both brain injury survivors AND women fleeing Intimate Partner Violence, they are developing a comprehensive framework that focuses on supporting women with undiagnosed brain injury, training for professionals, advocacy, and prevention.

None of this work combating violence would be possible without community support.

Donations are crucial for The Cridge Centre to continue to provide practical and life-changing support to women.

You can donate today online, and there is also the option of becoming a Cridge monthly donor to spread out your support across the whole year. 

Your contribution can make a difference between safety and devastating violence.

The Cridge Centre for Family

  • Where: 1307 Hillside Avenue
  • Contact:

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