Police Oak Bay
(Photo by Sheenagh Morrison/Facebook)

Oak Bay police are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a suspect in an alleged child abduction incident last week. 

On November 5th, at 3:04 p.m. Oak Bay police received a report of a male who attempted to lure a child into his vehicle in South Oak Bay. 

The 12-year-old child was walking home from school Westbound along Central Avenue, just west of Hampshire Road.

According to the victim, the vehicle drove up next to her and followed her for a short distance before offering her candy and a ride home. 

The child did not respond to the male and ran back to her school for help. 

The vehicle is described as a dark shiny green car with an off-white fabric top. The child described the car as “vintage”. 

The male is described as olive-skinned with spiky grey/brown hair and an oval face. He is said to be between 50- and 60-years-old with tattoos below the neck and down both of his arms to his hands. 

At the time of the attempted abduction, the suspect was said to be wearing a dark green or black short sleeve shirt, black jeans, a wide belt and a chunky gold ring on his right hand. 

Police conducted extensive patrols of the area for the vehicle and suspect—neither were located. 

Oak Bay police are now conducting neighbourhood inquiries for CCTV footage to assist in the investigation, asking residents of South Oak Bay to check their home surveillance footage for any vehicle or male that matches the descriptions of the suspect.

Police are also asking anyone who has a dashcam that was in the area around the time of the incident to also check their footage. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Oak Bay police at 250-592-2424. 

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