VicPD Cruiser Downtown

VicPD are seeking more information after a suspect abandoned a vehicle in downtown Victoria after a hit and run early Wednesday morning.

According to police, at around 3:30 a.m, a resident awoke after an extremely loud noise shook their apartment in the 1800-block of Government Street.

The resident thought there was an earthquake but after proceeding safely outside, realized there was extensive damage from a motor vehicle collision.

The collision had flung a concrete garbage bin through a nearby building window and destroyed a parking post. The entire exhaust was ripped from the vehicle during the crash and according to VicPD, the driver fled the area in the vehicle, leaving a trail of debris and leaking fluids behind.

Officers responded to the incident and gathered evidence. They also followed a trail of debris indicating that the vehicle had entered the sidewalk from the roadway at high speeds.

VicPD eventually located the vehicle approximately 2.5 kilometers away, parked behind a multi-unit residential building in the 100-block of Menzies Street. The vehicle was seized and towed to impound. It is unknown if the driver of the vehicle was injured.

Officers working to locate the driver of the vehicle are asking anyone with information or surveillance video from the 1800-block of Government Street to the 100-block of Menzies Street from this morning to review their footage.

VicPD is asking anyone with information to call them at (250) 995-7654.

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