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So, you want to workout but you are tired of your old, boring routine.

You want something new, exciting and something that will allow you to see fast results without spending all your free time in a gym!?

At Victoria’s Charge Fitness, they focus on less time, more energy, and quicker results.

Charge Fitness provides workouts through EMS (Electro-Muscle Stimulation) training, which works by stimulating the muscles to contract harder and longer than possible through conventional methods.

This means a more efficient and targeted workout in less time.

Spark your interest? 

Here is what to expect:

The Workout 

When you arrive to your session you will be outfitted in a special training suit by a friendly Charge Fitness Team Member. In a nutshell, the suit sends electrical impulses which stimulate your muscles as you workout.

Because the muscle contraction you receive is dependent on the level of intensity which is tailored to your body and controlled by the trainer, you are able to push yourself beyond your perceived potential – which is why you get the results of a 2 hour workout in only 20 minutes.

Rather than having to workout four or five times a week, Charge Fitness recommends only two twenty-minute sessions – per week. 

Only twenty minutes each? That’s right!

This ensures you have an adequate amount of time between your workouts for recovery.

Charge Fitness offers both group and private training to suit your needs and budget.

What EMS training feels like

The suit actively engages your muscles and intensifies the level of contraction. It feels like your muscles are contracting at a higher more complete rate – and they are! Some people compare the feeling to a massage, or a similar feeling to a hand held TENS device.

The level of contraction is dependent on your individual level of tolerance. Want more intensity in your glutes or biceps? Done.

Benefits of EMS training

EMS training has so many benefits and is safe for most people over the age of 19.

It can be a great alternative for individuals with joint and back pain who find it difficult to train with conventional methods. At Charge fitness they don’t use weights, the amount of work done is a result the level of stimulation applied directly to the muscles.

Still not sure how much of a difference the suit makes? The suit enables an 80% contraction rate vs a typical contraction rate of only 30%

Benefits include increased blood and lymphatic circulation, improved skin, reductions in the appearance of cellulite, pain management, increased growth hormone levels, increase in muscle mass, a more balanced you and more!

Plus it saves time. 

You can see a full list of benefits here

What recovery is like

After your session, it is important to hydrate and allow yourself time to rest. Don’t do anything too intense for 48 hours post workout.

After all, you did just complete the equivalent of a 2 hour workout in only 20 minutes! 

Are you ready to try something new? Charge Fitness is offering an exclusive discount of 10% off your first 10 or 20 session pack when you mention this article. What are you waiting for?!

Charge Fitness

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